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I recently learned an interesting fact regarding the history of the Omega Seamaster collection. The Seamaster and Seamaster Planet Oceans that we know today are hardy tool watches suitable for diving, James Bond, and overall feeling like high-function instruments that is made really well. You'd think these pieces started out as serious dive watches. That isn't the case actually. When the first Seamaster watches came out, Omega had other pieces in its collection that were more focused on sport. The Seamaster was meant to be a fashionable watch that one could wear up in the Hamptons while playing with their kids and not worry if it got splashed on. It was meant to be a luxury watch from day one. Overtime the Seamaster became an icon and important watch for Omega - especially as the brand continued to focus on a range of important high-intensity activities from racing to diving, and everything else where sturdy and reliable watches were needed (not to mention space travel). Flash-forward to now and we have an incredibly wide range of Seamaster watches, and its higher-end cousin the Seamaster Planet Ocean. For review I am checking out two 2011 Seamaster Planet Ocean Co-Axial Chronometer watches which well represent where the collection and brand are at today. In short the Seamaster Planet Ocean Co-Axial Chronometer of today comes in over 20 references, is available in 42mm wide or 45.5mm wide cases, and is available with blue or black dials with various color differences. Inside is an in-house made Omega movement, and it is a comfortable beauty on the wrist. The "Co-Axial Chronometer" part of the watch name replica omega Seamaster separates these Planet Ocean watches from others that do not contain the Omega produced caliber 8500 movements. The other new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watches with in-house made movements are the Seamaster Planet Ocean Co-Axial Chronometer Chronograph watches that contain Omega's caliber 9300 automatic chronograph movements. Those are excellent pieces, with fantastic movements, but I personally like my dive watches three-handed. For a super chrono, Omega has the Speedmaster which now also comes with the 9300 movement. I got to visit Omega and see the caliber 8500 movements being produced. Debuted in 2007, these large diameter movements are made for big watches and are amazing instruments that come from one of the most sophisticated timepiece movement assembly lines ever created. The need for such a production line is due to the fact that Omega must (relatively speaking) mass produce these - but with a very high quality output. They use a very cool automated assembly line that combines mostly human labor with robots that help with precision tasks. It takes about a full day to assemble and test just one 8500 movement. The movements are then sent to COSC for Chronometer testing, which takes another three weeks.

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Cheap grace justifies the sin – Everything is forgiven, so you can stay as you are.

Costly grace justifies the sinner – Jesus says, “Go and sin no more” (John 8).

Below are some free resources designed to help you teach or preach key concepts from the book, Costly Grace. Great for small group discussions too!


Chapter 1 — Grace and Discipleship

Chapter 2 — Becoming Like Jesus through His Call

Chapter 3 — Becoming Like Jesus in Obedience

Chapter 4 — Becoming Like Jesus in Suffering

Chapter 5 — Becoming Like Jesus in Our Loyalty

Chapter 6 — Becoming Like Jesus by Developing His Character

Chapter 7 — Becoming Like Jesus in Influence

Chapter 8 — Becoming Like Jesus in Righteousness

Chapter 9 — Becoming Like Jesus in Authenticity

Chapter 10 — Becoming Like Jesus in Purity

Chapter 11 — Becoming Like Jesus in Transparency

Chapter 12 — Becoming Like Jesus through Redemption

Chapter 13 — Becoming Like Jesus in Loving Enemies

Chapter 14 — Becoming Like Jesus in Quiet Service

Chapter 15 — Becoming Like Jesus in Prayer

Chapter 16 — Becoming Like Jesus in Spiritual Disciplines

Chapter 17 — Becoming Like Jesus in Trusting the Father

Chapter 18 — Becoming Like Jesus in Our Acceptance of Non-believers

Chapter 19 — Becoming Like Jesus in Abandonment

Chapter 20 — Becoming Like Jesus in Wisdom

Chapter 21 — Becoming Like Jesus in His Compassion

Chapter 22 — Becoming Like Jesus Together

Chapter 23 — Becoming Like Jesus in Our Work

Chapter 24 — Becoming Like Jesus through Persecution

Chapter 25 — Becoming Like Jesus in Our Faith

Chapter 26 — Becoming Like Jesus to Others

Chapter 27 — Jesus: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Chapter 28 — Jesus and the Suffering Saints

Author: Jon Walker

Jon Walker is managing editor of Rick Warren’s Daily Hope Devotionals and a contributing editor at © Copyright 2013 Jon Walker. Used by permission.

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Jon Walker has worked closely with Rick Warren for many years, first as a writer/editor, later as vice president of communications at Purpose Driven Ministries, and then as a pastor at Saddleback Church.

He's also served as editor-in-chief of LifeWay's HomeLife magazine and founding editor of Rick Warren's Ministry Toolbox.

He is the author of Costly Grace: A Contemporary View of Bonhoeffer's The Cost of Discipleship. His articles have appeared in publications and websites around the world. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.